Websites Gallery

Several of these websites were initially built by Dan Stafford under our sister company, Temecool Computer Repair.

The rest were built after the founding of Singing Wire Web Design.

Some were sites that customers needed help with after they lost their current webmaster. With our teaching, the customers have since done customizations to their liking on their pages.



Let Singing Wire help you get your home on the web just the way you want it!


You’ll know know what to do with YOUR online marketing platform!

Singing Wire Web Design has taught the owners of these websites how to work their sites. We also reach out to them to make sure they stay up-to-date with new tips and tricks.

Singing Wire Web Design’s mission is to enable you to easily make your websites succeed!

As a result of our mission, we are happy to teach you:

  • How to use your Facebook business page together with your website to reach an audience.
  • How to use Twitter to find local business partners, individuals, and global experts in your industry to give you not only a wider audience, but also more knowledge and inspiration to help you generate valuable content for your clients.
  • How to use Google Plus effectively with your business.
  • How to use Google Search tools to better craft your website for greater reach.
  • How to register your business with Google MyBusiness so that you show up in local mobile and desktop search results.
  • How to use Youtube to make your videos the best they can be, AND improve your visibility in the top two search engines in the world.
  • How to use your site together with your LinkedIn profile.

Did you know that Youtube is now the number two search engine in the world?

Did you know that Google owns Youtube?

Did you know that in many cases, it is far easier to reach high-profile experts, celebrities, and decision-makers on Twitter than via phone or e-mail?

These are but a small sampling of the things that Singing Wire Web Design can teach you!

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