Service Costs

Direct Cost of service provided by Singing Wire Web Design:

$200.00 initial one-time fee per website, plus $50.00 per hour for all services provided, minimum of one hour per service call.

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  • We bill web design and building services other than a website obtained through Singing Wire Web Design at $50.00 per hour.
  • SWWD requires an initial fee of $200.00 in addition to hourly rate for website building.
  • We require Payment at the end of each session of work.

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The total cost of a fully-built website plus training depends on the total hours incurred. This can be impacted by the customer’s responsiveness and pace of learning.

Many websites can be had, with some social media integration, social media profile builds, 6-8 hours of training, and reasonably-priced domain registration and hosting for around $1,000.00. This will vary as a result of the customer’s needs, requirements, responsiveness, pace of learning, and choice of web host and domain registrar. This is only a rough estimate of cost.

Singing Wire Web Design DOES NOT provide web hosting. Singing Wire Web Design DOES NOT provide domain name registration.

As a result, the Customer is required to purchase web hosting and domain registration through a third-party provider, or providers.

Furthermore, Singing Wire Web Design’s preferred third-party providers at this time are: for web hosting. for domain name registration. *

*Singing Wire Web Design recommends registering the domain name through a separate domain-registration-only provider. This is so that if the customer desires to change web hosting companies at a later date for ANY reason, there is no delay in the release of control for their domain name.

*** Singing Wire Web Design receives NO compensation from either the recommended web hosting service provider or domain registrar.  Web Hosting and Domain registry through any company are entirely at the discretion of the customer.  Singing Wire Web Design assumes no liability for the performance of the providers of these services. ***

These service providers are recommended simply because their costs are relatively low, and in Singing Wire’s prior experience they have been easy to use and fairly reliable.

To take control of YOUR complete online marketing platform now, Call: 951-428-8228 !