Requirements & Privacy Policies

The customer MUST:

  • Purchase web hosting and domain name registration through a third-party provider or providers. (See COSTS page for our recommendations)
  • Provide Singing Wire Web Design (“Singing Wire”) with the log-in credentials for the web hosting provider and domain registrar until the web site is completed.
  • Provide all content (Pictures, text, audio, video, list of pages required, etc.) necessary to build the initial website and social media accounts the customer requires.
  • Use remote-access software to share computer screen with Singing Wire Staff if located more than 20 miles from Temecula, California, USA. (We will guide you as to software, installation, and use.)
  • Make themselves or their designated representative available for questions and training by Singing Wire.
  • Sign and return to Singing Wire web Design, Singing Wire’s service agreement contract (digitally or on paper) prior to the start of any work by Singing Wire. (We will provide a .pdf or hard copy to the customer upon initial consultation depending on circumstance and customer capabilities)
  • Pay the $200.00 initial setup fee if ordering a NEW website to Singing Wire Web Design prior to the start of any work by Singing Wire.
  • Have a computer that is up-to-date enough to support internet access and the most recent version of the Google Chrome internet browser.
  • Have high-speed internet access.
  • Have a phone line.
  • Provide a copy of their State Identification card or Driver’s license.
  • Provide a physical mailing address.
  • If building online assets for a company, provide proof of authorization to make decisions for that company.
  • Be able to accept faxed or e-mailed documents.
  • Have a account for the purpose of building this site and some of its features, and provide the log-in credentials to Singing Wire until work is complete.
  • Allow Singing wire to use the customer’s likeness or logo and web site address / URL in Singing Wire’s marketing materials for Singing Wire services.
  • Pay hourly fees incurred at the end of each work session. (Pay-as-you-go)

Singing Wire Web Design will NOT:

  • Build any web site that uses pornography, breaks any laws, or promotes harm or violence of any kind.
  • Assume any liability for content the customer may put on their website after training or without Singing Wire’s knowledge or consent.
  • Break existing scheduling for other clients or customers.
  • Perform any work between the hours of 10:00 PM Pacific time and 09:00 AM Pacific time, or on a Sunday or major holiday.
  • Provide the customer’s contact information to any third party without the customer’s written or verbal consent, and then only for the purposes of building out the customer’s contracted services, excepting the marketing information described in customer requirements above.

Singing wire Web Design WILL:

  • Make every effort to guide the customer through any step in the web design / site build.
  • Make every effort to assist the customer in achieving a web site and confidence in using that site to the customer’s satisfaction.
  • Guide the customer through the process of purchasing third-party hosting and domain name registry if requested.
  • Teach the customer how to download a back-up copy of their web site if the web hosting provider they are using allows it.
  • Keep all customer information provided to Singing Wire confidential with the exception of the marketing described in customer requirements above.