Design Philosophy

Web design for a personal or small-to-medium-sized business requires a different mindset than that of large corporations.

A large corporation can usually afford to:

  • hire an in-house web development team that can write all custom code for their site
  • Develop new features in-house
  • Own their own servers
  • Try out new software, templates, applications, and features in a “test lab” environment that is nowhere near the public internet.

Smaller entities need proven features and functions set up rapidly at very low cost, yet with a “custom” look and feel. Many companies and individuals can’t afford continuous, on-going high-dollar development costs, especially for routine site updates and minor changes or content uploads.

Singing Wire Web Design uses proven tools for building web sites at a very low cost. These tools are under constant development and are often updated by a host of people who volunteer their time and expertise, with a vision toward making the World Wide Web better for those who make up the vast majority of the web’s users.

At Singing Wire Web Design, we are also constantly looking for the latest and best tools to help our customers on a budget:

  • We listen to related podcasts
  • Read online discussion forums
  • Watch numerous videos
  • Follow the social media outlets of those who move the landscape of the web forward from year-to-year.

We also feature built-in social media integration, multiple tools for bringing traffic to a customer’s site, and a highly-customizable platform. You don’t just get a website – You get an easy-to-use, low-cost, highly-effective online marketing platform under YOUR control!

One of the KEY differences between Singing Wire Web Design and other web design companies for individuals and smaller businesses is that we teach our clients – you – how to use the platform we build your site on.

This means that if you are willing to invest a bit of time in learning how to use this platform, you will be able to easily:

  • Add new features
  • Add new pictures
  • Post audio
  • Embed video
  • Upload still-picture slideshows
  • And so much more without having to pay us extra.
  • You’ll even understand how to change the look and feel of your site if you want to.

You won’t even need to call us for most of these capabilities.

Of course, we are always available if you have questions, can’t remember how to do a particular item, or may want to add something extra. We want to help, but at no more than the level you really want and need.

One of our core guiding principles is that our customers should understand what we’ve built for them, and know how to take advantage of it.

Your website is your home on the web. When you have a new home built, you:

  • Choose what colors go on the walls
  • Decide what the flooring looks like
  • Pick how many square feet you want
  • Specify what tiles and fixtures go in each room
  • Control what the lighting looks like.

You expect to be able to:

  • Open a faucet
  • Open a window
  • Turn on a light
  • Hang a picture or painting
  • Paint the walls
  • Change carpeting
  • Turn on the stereo or TV

All of this you expect without having to call a contractor for everything you do. We want to enable you to have at least that much capability online.

Singing Wire Web Design will build you what you need online, show you how to use it, and give you the support you ask for – no more, and no less.

Give us a call, and let us build you a beautiful place to live online!

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