To take control of YOUR complete online marketing platform now,

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Singing Wire Web Design specializes in low-cost, high-function custom websites and blogs with several social media and SEO-friendly features built-in.

We make sure that you get the most bang – and bling – for your buck online. You don’t just get a website – You get an easy-to-use, low-cost, highly-effective online marketing platform under YOUR control!

We make a point of guiding you closely through every step of the process in getting a new web site or blog, and ensuring that you know what to do with it after your site is up and running.

Your site is your home on the web, and everything else you have on social media should lead back to your welcome mat. We’ll help you get there at an exceptionally-reasonable price.

We design sites that are fully responsive, meaning that they will look great on screens for all size devices from laptops to mobile phones. These days, most people begin searching for products on their smartphones. Your site will be ready and easy for them to use!

Our websites include:

  • Facebook Business page
  • Twitter profile
  • Google Plus business page
  • Registration with Google MyBusiness
  • Youtube channel
  • Built-in SEO guide for making your new content rank in search.
  • Google Search Analytics and Webmaster tools
  • Hit counter with non-Google traffic statistics
  • Podcasting support
  • Videocasting support
  • Training on using everything

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We’ll make your home online beautiful and bountiful!

Singing Wire Web Design will gladly give you the tools and confidence to market your business online. With training from us, you’ll be able to get things done on your schedule, right when you need it. No calling a webmaster to get a page, post, picture, or video added to your site. You or your designee will be able to do it at-will. You call us when you need to learn something new, of if you forget how to do something.


You’re the Captain of your ship online!

SWWD will train up to three people for the price of one.

To take control of YOUR complete online marketing platform now,

Call: 815-483-8878 !